About the Founder

With over 25 years of bridge inspection experience, David Hughes, owner of Hughes Engineering, is a trusted expert in the field. His achievements include:
  • Conducted 9,684 inspections on 2,593 structures, with over 72% exceeding a 20-foot span.
  • Assisted various state and local agencies, private companies, and individuals with bridge inspections.
  • Covered a significant portion of Idaho, inspecting structures for over 30 government agencies.
  • Corrected the work of other bridge inspectors contracted by the State of Idaho.
  • Produced accurate bridge drawings as a contractor to the State of Idaho.
  • Developed the Channel Cross-Section Data Collection System, adopted as the internal standard by ITD in 2013.
  • Innovated paperless inspection and reporting methods to enhance accuracy and efficiency.
  • Remains updated with the latest technology and training by attending seminars and refresher courses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, on-time work, within budget, with total customer satisfaction.

Our Team

David J. Hughes, P.E
Idaho P.E. 9599
With over 25 years of inspection experience, His excellent communication and people skills have enhanced his career as an engineer. As both the project manager and bridge inspector, 100% of his time will be dedicated to providing professional quality work.
Leslie Hughes
Administrative Assistant
Since 2001, Leslie Hughes has been key to Hughes Engineering bridge inspection report preparation, finalizing over 9684 reports all of which before the deadlines
HR Manager
Michael Corkish
Inspection Assistant/Draftsman
Graduated from Boise State University in May 2023 with a a bachelor of science in Civil Engineering, Michael is working full time for Hughes Engineering with experience in drafting, spreadsheet creation, CAD drawings, and office reports.
Brenden Rienhart
Inspection Assistant/Draftsman
Brenden is currently enrolled as a Civil Engineering student at Brigham Young University Idaho. He will be graduating April 2025 with a bachelor of science in Civil Engineering, and begin full-time employment with Hughes Engineering at that time.

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